USB Fans - A Refreshing Way to Get your Brand In the Face of Your Customers

After months and months of rain and lots of practice at building an Ark it now looks like the sun is finally going to put in a bit of a prolonged appearance.  If you’re away on holiday now or any time soon or you’re one of the thousands of people that will be taking a few days out to descend on one of the many music festivals that seem to be kicking off this week then the appearance of the sun is good news.

However if you are stuck at work or worse still if you’re stuck at work in an office or working environment without air-conditioning then the appearance of the sun coupled with rising temperatures can be a little uncomfortable.

USB Fans

These conditions are the perfect opportunity for thoughtful companies to provide all of their staff with their own personal fans. USB fans that simply plug into your PC or Mac are relatively inexpensive and they can be branded with a company logo or message for a few pennies. They’re also ideal as a cheap promotional give away to customers – not only will they provide welcome relief from the heat but the fans are normally positioned so that the blades (and air flow) are directed towards the users face.

If your logo is printed on the fans then it’s going to be seen every time the fan is used you’re going to get some nice positive brand association generated along with the cool air flow to the users face.

The USB fans can be supplied with an optional USB extension lead which allows anyone with a PC tucked under their desk to still use the fans and get them positioned to get maximum benefit from the airflow they generate.

During a mini heat wave or period of sustained sunshine USB fans are definitely worth the couple of £’s each they cost – it’s a small price to pay for happy and contented staff and/or delighted and surprised customers!

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