USB Drives In A Flash – 48Hrs No Less

It’s a notoriously difficult time of the year for anyone wanting to order USB flash drives printed with a logo on to get them delivered quickly. The simple reason is that most USB flash drives are manufactured and printed for customers in China and then air freighted into the UK for onward delivery. Surprisingly this is not normally a problem because this whole process takes just a matter of days from time of order but at the moment China is effectively “closed” because of the convergence of two National Holidays.

This year the Mid-Autumn Festival will run from 22nd Sept to 24th Sept shortly followed by Chinese National Day holidays that run from 1st Oct to 7th Oct. Some factories and courier firms will be operating during the few days between these two holidays but many won’t. Some businesses are expected to remain closed from the 18th September to the 10th October!

Urgent USB Flash Drives

The consequence of these holidays is that the lead-time for USB flash drives manufactured and printed in China will extend to several weeks rather than days. So, if you have not placed your order by today and been given a confirmed delivery date then you may be looking at mid-October as a realistic delivery date.

At USB2U we plan for these holidays every year and we stock up with blank USB flash drives that we print in the UK and turnaround in 48hrs or less. We don’t carry our full portfolio of USB flash drives but we do have a reasonable selection of both USB sticks and memory sizes.

If you find yourself needing USB flash drives printed with your logo on anytime during the next couple of weeks just give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options. Don’t leave it too late though because it seems that no matter how much stock we buy in we always struggle to fulfil all the orders we have.

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