USB Credit Card Flash Drives: The Most Portable and Printable USB Memory Stick

USB memory sticks have come a long way since their humble beginnings.  When they were first seen on the market it cost a substantial amount to buy a measly 64MB.  The flash drives were pretty rare but most often seen around IT technician’s necks; it was even more rare to see the technicians using the USB stick.  Fortunately USBs have moved on from the characterless plastic casing and have become much more mainstream, accessible and fashionable.

Mini branded usb card USB Flip Card Mark II

At USB2U we sell one of the widest ranges of USB flash drives on the market.  Some memory sticks, like the Rodeo flash drive have an extra quality look to them, other flash drives like the bottle opener USB are made to be multi-functional and some flash drives like the Battery USB try to disguise themselves as other things.  However, a few USBs are quite bulky and couldn’t be comfortably carried around all the time.  The Credit Card USB product range is not only functional and has a great surface for printing but they also allow very for easy transportation.  At 2mm thick the credit cards can comfortably slot into a wallet, which makes them easy to take with you wherever you go.

The Credit Card USB range come in four different styles, Flip Mark I, Flip Mark II, Rotate and the Slide Metal Card.  The cards functionalities differ slightly however, they all have a large area that allows for complete customised printing.  The Flip Mark I, Flip Mark II and Rotate cards can have print on the complete surface area of the front and back which is great for images and complicated logos.  Despite the size the cards are availablefrom the smallest memory size of 512MB up to the largest size of 16GB.

The impact of the large printing area and embossing (on the Slide Metal Card) available on the flash drives make them a great promotional tool.  The functionality of the USB Credit Cards means that they can be used in every day life without having to be worn with a lanyard around the neck.  To find out more about the USB Credit Card Flash Drives see the product page.

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