USB Compass - Navigate Your Way Through the Promotional USB Market

Earlier this week we wrote an article about some ‘cool’ USB memory sticks where some pretty creative people have made some weird and wonderful USB shells to case their flash drives.  However we had some doubts about their usefulness.  The USB memory stick under question today however, is the compass USB flash drive pictured below.

promotional usb stick with a compass on it Promotional USb Compass

Looking at this device, it has to be asked how many times you have recently used a compass or even needed to use one.  With technology nowadays there is little need for devices like compasses.  If you are the outdoors type and love hiking or rambling etc. it’s doubtful that you’d risk successfully returning to your camp on a compass USB flash drive, you’d probably have a little more sophisticated kit.  Even if you do decide to use a the USB compass flash drive for a both of it’s purposes as a data storage device and a compass there are very few times that you would need both in the same day.

So if the Compass USB flash drive doesn’t double well as a compass, what is it for?  This particular design would be a great promotional tool for certain companies.  Boat builders, consultancies or outdoor retailers are a few companies that would largely benefit from using this branded compass USB.

On another note, this USB flash drive reminds us of the difficulty that consumers can have buying branded USB flash drives in the slowly crowding market.  Navigating your way through the numerous company websites to find the right branded USB supplier can be tiring and tedious.  To help with this we have created a small list of things to check when shopping for your branded flash drives:

  1. The company is reputable and has a valued client portfolio.  To view some of our previous clients visit our branded USB testimonials page.
  2. Ensure that all branded USB memory sticks are fitted with grade A chips.  All of our flash drives are fitted with grade A chips and go through a virus check and quality control process.
  3. Understand all of the costing upfront and keep it as simple as possible.  At USB2U we have made the costing simple by offering free UK delivery, free printing, free data load, free lanyards or key rings and free gift boxes.  To find out more visit our why choose USB2U page.
  4. Good quality product visuals are important to ensure that your logo flash drives will look exactly how you want them to.  We have an in house design team that provides impeccable quality visual mock-ups.
  5. Fell the quality of the product yourself.  We send out free samples of our products so that customers can witness the top quality of our products first hand.

With these coordinates in mind we are sure that you will navigate past all other branded USB flash drive suppliers and always buy your promotional USB flash drives through USB2U.

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