Product Spotlight: Christmas Memory Sticks

USB Christmas Trees and USB Snowmen

Looking for inspiration for your Christmas promotional product gifts? Look no further than our custom made range of seasonal memory sticks.

Seasonal Branded Memory Sticks

Our branded USB sticks generally fit into a budget of between £3-£5 per stick, and can be printed up with a company logo and appropriate Christmas message, such as Seasons Greeting or Merry Christmas. You could even pre-load a Christmas greeting or virtual Christmas card onto the USB sticks that automatically plays when the USB stick is used. Do consider though the potential annoyance factor of this, and balance this against any goodwill you hope to create!

If you’re sending your branded memory sticks out to current or prospective customers you don’t have to stop at just pre-loading your Christmas greeting, why not consider loading any electronic versions of your sales brochures or latest press releases at the same time. These do not have to auto-load, but can be saved on the sticks as protected files that cannot be erased.

USB Trees & Snowmen

USB Xmas Tree
In the “fun and amusing” category you might consider branded USB Christmas Trees or USB Snowmen. These are designed for a desktop, they plug into any spare USB port to power them (so no batteries required) and they light up and cycle through a range of different colours, and some even play a melody of Christmas tunes (yay - don’t worry you can turn them off when they get annoying, as they inevitably will!). They’re easy to brand and they bring a smile to the face of anyone that they are given to. They can even be supplied with a personalised card if required, and the clear plastic packaging tube they come in can also accommodate a Christmas greeting which be personalised to each customer you send them to.

Of course, unlike the more traditional USB memory sticks, they don’t really have much value after Christmas, but they are nevertheless great fun and they certainly create a bit of a “buzz” when they’re turned on in the office. They can always be stored away to come out next year, too!


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