USB Cards – and we’re not talking just USB Credit Cards.

USB Cards come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes these days and by size we don’t mean memory size but the physical size of the cards.

The advent of the smaller USB “chip on board” technology that integrates the USB connector, the flash memory and the controller chips into an incredibly small form factor has enabled USB memory stick designers to come up with a much wider range of product options.

One of the first new products to be released using this “chip on board” solution was a card in the same shape/dimensions as a standard credit card. Various ways to integrate the USB connector into the card which preserved the card shape whilst allowing USB element to be inserted into a USB port were experimented with but the most popular proving to be a “flip out” or “fully removable” option (see the images below).

USB Credit Card Variants

The credit card shaped USB memory sticks have become incredibly popular because they offer a large flat print area (on both sides of the card) to work with and because they fit neatly into a bag or wallet! At only 2mm thick they’re only fractionally thicker than a conventional credit card and despite being wafer thin they come in memory sizes all the way up to 16GB.

The concept of a “USB card” has now been extended to other shapes including a circular “badge shaped USB card” and a smaller, more rectangular version of the credit card. Again both of these give plenty of space to support the printing of high quality logos or designs but they’re also small enough to be worn as a “button badge” or a conventional name badge.

USB Badges

All of these “card” options are held in stock in the UK by USB2U and can therefore be supplied (printed and data-loaded) in as little as 24hrs. All we need from you is your artwork, your data and an address to send your order to.

If you do opt for the larger USB Credit Card option then have a look at our gift boxes and leather wallets. Both of these can be printed or supplied blank – the gift box comes with custom cut foam for the card to fit snuggly into.

If you’re interested then please give our team a call on our Freephone number or fill in the quote form on our web site.


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