Ultra Thin USB Cards Double Up As Business Cards

Like a lot of trends in the computing sector at the moment the humble USB flash drive has gone all thin and low profile.  A standard lozenge shaped drive USB drive is around 7mm thick so it’s not exactly heavy round the girth but a version of the drive that has become popular very quickly is the super thin business card shaped drive that’s’ only 2mm thick!

In reality this is about as thin as they are every going to get because the USB connector is about this thick on it’s own and it needs to be secured in some sort of housing.

Wafer Think USB Cards

Some describe these super thin or “wafer” style USB cards as “credit card USB flash drives” others refer to them as “business card USB drives” – either way they’re very very thin and with the launch of the MacBook Air, the iPad and other ultraportable laptops they are bang on trend.

The beauty of these USB drives when printed up to look like a business card is that they still look like the business cards we’re all used to handling, giving out and receiving. They fit in standard business card wallets and they immediately convey the core information about the person giving out the cards.

But, the real beauty of these USB business cards only becomes apparent when you plug them into your PC. If the giver of the card has been sensible he or she will have pre-loaded them with details of their companies products, price lists, technical data, press releases and where possible media files (movie clips, audio files etc.) In doing this an inert business card can be brought to life and becomes not just a carrier of personal information but a fully blown advert and sales aid.

Because they are so thin the cards can easily be sent out in the post with attracting higher package post charges – in fact they’re so thin and light you can get away with sending them out using standard first class post albeit they create their biggest impact when they are handed out in the same way you’d hand out conventional business cards.

Expect to pay a little bit more for this type of USB flash drive but bear in mind they are usually printed with lots of different contact names and phone numbers on and the set-up of this leads to the higher price.

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