Twister USB Flash Drives Just Keep Getting Better

Like an old whisky maturing in the cask, the Twister USB Flash Drive just keeps getting better and better with age. For several years it has been the best selling promotional USB flash drive in the market and its crown looks secure for several years to come.

Twister USB Twister USB

Part of its enduring appeal is that its small, compact, easy to use, has no cap to lose, takes print and engraving extremely well and comes in a range of different colours and finishes. It’s also easy to attach a keyring or lanyard and there are a number of different packaging options available for it.

Whilst the core model has remained the same over the years the twister has nevertheless undergone lots of subtle adaptations that have kept it looking fresh and vibrant. Originally it was only available in a small number of primary colours with a silver metal clip (the section that rotates to unveil the USB connector and the piece that acts as a cap when positioned over the end of the USB connector).

Maxfactor Twister USB Maxfactor Twister USB

Today the Twister is not only available in a very large range of standard colours but the body shell can be manufactured in any colour you want – literally any colour, just supply a pantone and the body shell can be produced in this colour and this includes metallic finishes. The metal clip can also be supplied in a range of colours and finishes to compliment the body shell colour.

Twister USB Flash Drive - Metalic Metalic Twister

Print quality has been improved by the introduction of a true full colour print process or the use of high quality dome stickers. Either option produces excellent results that work with even the most complex of logos and logos that include tints, gradients and shades.

Large, well known household brands have also been quick to embrace the Twister USB flash drive and push the boundaries of what is possible with it including Maxfactor, Magners, The National Trust and BT to name just a few.

If you’d like to see how your company’s brand or school logo might look on a Twister just give us a call, fill out our on-line enquiry form or drop us an email. If you can let us have the artwork for your logo our in-house design team will work their magic and get back to your with a range of mock-ups for your consideration.

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