Twister USB Flash Drives – A Drive For All Seasons

With temperatures plummeting and snow blanketing large swathes of the country it’s understandable that promotional flash drives are not the top of everybody’s agenda at the moment. After all if you can’t even get into the office or you been trying gallantly to make it in but have found yourself stuck in drifting snow then your thoughts are probably more on roaring log fires, warm cups of soup and getting home rather than anything work related.

USB Twister Flash Drives

Come rain, come snow or come sunshine the best selling promotional USB flash drive irrespective of the season is the Twister USB flash drive (sometime referred to as the “rotate” or “capless” drive). For several years this small, relatively simple USB flash drive has out stripped sales of all other flash drive models by some significant margin. Partly its down to its simplicity, partly its because it does not have a “cap” to worry about losing and partly its because its incredibly flexible when it comes to branding and printing.

Twister USB

Originally available in just a few standard factory colour the Twister Memory Stick is available in pretty much any colour you want and if its not available off the shelf in the colour you’re after then don’t worry because the factories that produce them will make them in that colour. The lasting appeal of the Twister has also been helped with the introduction of “mono version” (Black/black or White/white) and the ability to supply them with a superb full colour finish.

Combine the Twister Flash drive with a lanyard in a complimentary colour or a presentation box and you can really lift what is a fairly ordinary looking USB stick into the “premier league” of sticks. If you don’t like the idea of lanyards or boxes you might want to consider getting them in a range of different pantone colours and using the colours to make a real visual impact.

Hopefully when the snow has gone and the sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds our chaotic world will return to “normal” and those in search of the best branded USB flash drive money can buy will settle upon the humble but all conquering Twister.

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