Twister Branded Memory Sticks – Lets Twist Again

With a nod in the direction of Chubby Checker its nearly summer so it its time to twist again like we did last year. Seriously though if you are looking for a good looking, compact, hardwearing and reliable branded memory stick that looks excellent when printed then look no further than the “Twister” model.

Throughout the last few years the Twister Memory Stick has consistently out-sold every other USB memory stick in our portfolio and based on sales already this year it looks as though its going to top the sales chart again in 2010.

Twister Memory Sticks Twister Memory Sticks

So just what is it that makes this fairly humble looking flash drive the darling of the promotional and marketing USB world. Well here’s our list of reasons why the Twister Flash Drives is everyone’s favourite:

  • No cap to lose – the Twister gets its name because part of the body twists around to reveal the USB connector and makes any cap redundant.
  • Great choice of standard colours
  • Free Pantone Matching (we can match the body shell to any colour you want)
  • Integral lanyard loop makes it easy to attach lanyards and key-rings
  • Relatively small form factor – its nice and compact without being too small.
  • Can be engraved, printed or supplied with dome stickers with a full colour photo realistic print
  • They look great – there’s no denying the Twisters done well in the right colour to contrast with the logo that’s being printed on it look fantastic!
  • They’re a safe bet – because they are so popular most people have seen them around already and they know what they’re getting and there is little risk associated with them as a choice.

There are lots of variants of the standard Twister memory stick including wooden versions (ideal for companies with an “eco friendly” bias), slightly larger and longer ones that can take a bigger print (handy if you’ve got a long URL you want to print) and smaller ones if you’re short on space or want to reduce your transportation costs.

Wooden Twister Memory Sticks Wooden Twister Memory Sticks

So lots of different “flavours” of Twisters have been developed to maintain the interest in the model but the best seller continues to be the standard version.

If you’re interested in a quote for these just give us a call or fill out the on-line enquiry form. We’ve always got lots in stock in the UK if you’re in a hurry (albeit colours and sizes might be limited) and we can certainly get some samples to you if you need to see them in the flesh.

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