The Unstoppable Rise of Wireless Chargers

The Unstoppable Rise of Wireless Chargers

Promotional Wireless Charger

Since 2018, wireless chargers have rapidly grown to be the essential promotional gift. Phones have rapidly adopted this charging technique, and with the chargers themselves becoming more efficient, it's likely that this trend will only continue.

In 2018, the wireless charger market was valued at just over £6,514m. In 2020 it is valued at £49,304m. Popular phones that came out in 2018 such as the iPhone 8 introduced wireless charging for the first time, and since then every model has kept this option as a standard. This is likely to be an option for a long time to come, and presents a great promotional opportunity for companies.

With their large surface area and prominent position on many desks or tables, these items allow for colourful and eye catching branding, on a product that will likely be used for a very long time.

USB2U has a range of promotional chargers that cover a range of styles and materials, with many available as part of our express service. Below are just a few of our promotional wireless charging pads tat are available on our express service.

LED Deluxe Wireless Charger

This impressive black wireless charger can
be LED engraved on the large charging
surface area, illuminating either a logo,
slogan or a name in a bright white light.

Curve Wireless Charger

The Curve is a powerful 10w charger,
and has a large surface area capable
of full colour branding, as well as an LED
status indicator strip around the rim.

Wooden Wireless Charger

A wireless charger with a difference. Made from wood, this charger is a more environmentally friendly and natural looking charger and can
be engraved with a company logo.

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