The Power of USB Drives in Education

The Power of USB Drives in Education


In this blog post, we will highlight some of the benefits of USB sticks in education. We will also look at some of our custom-branded USB sticks that we consider great choices for teachers and students...

The benefits of USB sticks in education

While we can acknowledge there are newer ways to save important documents, transfer data, and back up data, there is still nothing quite like having a USB stick. They continue to be very valuable, and more specifically, they still remain significant in the educational sphere.

In todays society, more students and teachers have access to laptops and computers, not only that but so much of their work is completed digitally, so having a USB stick as an alternative gives them that added boost of safety, eliminating the risk of losing any of their work.

Some of the other ways that USB sticks are found useful in schools or universities include the sharing of group projects and assignments, easy access to files, even with no Wi-Fi, and their sleek and compact design, making them an easy travel companion.

Types of USB2U USB Sticks

These are some of the USB sticks we would recommend for both students and teachers. Each style has been designed to suit a wide audience, ranging from the beloved Twister collection to the USB Card and the Trident USB, the Chic USB, the Rodeo, and the environmentally friendly Woodland USB. We can guarantee that we have something to suit everyone.

Twister USB

The Twister is our most popular USB stick for several reasons. For starters, It offers a fresh array of 13 colours, with colour matching clips available as well. It also comes in massive UK quantities, and it can be branded with a logo to make it that much more personal.











USB Card

The USB Card is a slightly more sophisticated USB model and for that reason, we recommend it to all teachers or lecturers. It is about the same size as a standard credit card, or bank card, meaning it can easily fit into a wallet or a purse. Like the Twister, this USB Card can also be branded with a logo or design.

printed usb cards - innocent

Chic USB

The Chic USB is a great option for both teachers and students, it has a sleek and stylish design that can be branded with a logo. Not only that, but this USB stick is lightweight, and it comes with five colours to choose from.

Chic USB

Each of the USB sticks we have recommended is available from our UK stock and available on express delivery. So the order can be on your doorstep in as little as 24 hours.

For more information, or to see some of the other products we provide for schools and universities, please click the links below.

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