The Power of Portable Chargers During Festival Season

The Power of Portable Chargers During Festival Season


Festival Scene With more festivals taking place in the UK than ever before, and the UK festival market said to be worth £4 billion to the UK economy, festivals are a great place to increase your brand visibility and take advantage of a massive audience of over 30 million attendees.

From massive behemoths like Glastonbury or Reading & Leeds, to more boutique festivals such as Shambala or 2000 Trees, there's now a music festival for every taste, and that has meant that, more than ever, companies are trying to get on board and use them to promote their brand. A survey from Festival Awards indicated roughly 44.2% of attendees remember sponsors or brands from festivals, and from sponsored stages, to branded bars, the choice is huge. Companies are realising, however, that there are far easier and more cost effective way to promote your business than just those options this festival season.

One of the best ways to do this is via giveaways, especially for products that are not just useful, but nigh on essential at the average music festival.

With the rise of the smart phone came the need for more regular charging, as battery technology struggled to keep up with the astonishing rate of development for mobile phones. Festivals provide perhaps the trickiest environment for this, with thousands of younger people, who traditionally use their phone more than most, all without access to mains electricity for sometimes up to five consecutive days.

Credit Card Power Bank Charging iPhone Branded Edge Power banks

Power banks, or portable chargers, have become one of the most crucial items to pack for a festival, with 57.4% of festival goers saying they bring a portable charger to every festival with them, whilst another 10.9% have paid for a charging service, either via a stall (6.2%) or renting a portable charger (4.7%). The market for portable charging devices is massive, and with 5G networks already being discussed, the demand is only going to get greater as the strain on batteries increases.

Power banks are a fantastic choice for a promotional product, with a long period of expected use, and a proven effectiveness within the market. Here are USB2U we provide a range of different promotional power banks, from LED Engraved Power Banks, with the ability to provide light up logos or slogans, to Credit Card Power Banks, with their convenient design, easy portability and large branding area for intricate or complicated designs making them an exceptionally popular choice. And now, products such as the compact Emergency Power Cable are able to provide ultra portable power that can be a festival lifeline when batteries are running low, making it a real festival essential.

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