The future of charging is USB-C

The future of charging is USB-C

In this blog post, we will be discussing everything you need to know about the future of charging. We’ll start by covering all aspects of USB technology, from USB-A all the way through to USB-C charging.  We’ll also dive into how we as an organisation are adapting to those changes.

The history of the USB connection

This idea started off with USB-A which is the USB type that most people recognise and come to use often. This type of USB cable has a lot of variations because a lot of devices will require different cables.

The idea of USBC-C however, is simpler and a lot faster than the USB-A cable. This is why there’s so much buzz around the topic, but also the reason why many companies are starting to feature it in their products.

Apple is a perfect example of this seeing as their latest iPhone features a USB-C charge point instead of the usual lightning cable. Not only that but a new law is also prompting phone manufacturers to adopt a common charging method. This idea is a good indicator of what the future of charging could possibly look like.

What does this mean for USB2U?

For us the answer is pretty simple, we’ll continue to create fantastic tech products that feature a USB-A port and cable. But we will also provide our customers with an extensive range of USB-C-featured tech products.

We’re doing this so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of a versatile cable, the added convenience of having a multi-purpose single cable, faster charging, and plenty more.

A good example of this is our brand new  XL LED 5 in 1 Cable  and  LED 5 in 1 Cable! Both of these cables offer USB-C input for even faster charging, and on top of that, they can be branded with a logo using LED technology, which will illuminate any logo like never before.

These two cables can also be used with our Eco Pro 10000 Power Bank, Eco Mini Pro 5000 Power Bank, the eco-friendly Bamboo 10000 Solar Power Bank  , and the fantastic Elite USB-C 10000 Power Bank as they all feature a USB-C port. Each of these amazing power banks can also be branded with a logo or design for a more personalised final finish.

For more information on these products, please contact our sales team at [email protected]

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