The Best Autumnal Wedding USB Bundles: USB2U

The Best Autumnal Wedding USB Bundles: USB2U

The best Autumnal Wedding USB Bundles

There’s a lot of detail that goes into making a wedding memorable for the couple and the guests. So much so that this process can take months or even a couple of years to perfect all the details. A big part of this includes choosing the right photographer and ensuring that the desired images are perfectly captured. This means that the photographer will also need to present those images in a sophisticated and unique way.

At USB2U, we want to assist photographers in selecting the perfect bundle to showcase their beautiful images to their customers. Keep reading to learn about some of our most beloved photography bundles!

Woodland & Wooden Treasure Box

This bundle is perfect for couples getting married in Autumn, it features our best-selling Woodland USB in sizes 8GB – 32GB which is very popular amongst photographers. This bundle can be selected in either dark or light wood, allowing photographers to choose the aesthetic that complements the couple’s style.

This bundle can also be printed or engraved with the couple's initials; this custom feature creates a timeless finish that will capture the heart of the customer.

Dark and light wooden treasure boxes and woodlands

Woodland & Square Photo Slide Box Bundle

The Woodland & Square Photo Slide Box Bundle is the perfect combination of both digital images and traditional prints. Like the Woodland & Wooden Treasure Box, it also comes with the popular Woodland USB in USB3.0. The difference is it comes in a bigger square photo slide box, which offers photographers ample space to include traditional 6 x 4 prints. This makes a really beautiful and personal presentation box, that will be kept for years to come.

Woodland & Square Photo Slide Box Bundle

For a slightly longer version of this bundle, photographers can opt for the Woodland & Rectangle Photo Slide Box Bundle. It boasts a high-quality maple or walnut wood finish, which can be laser engraved or printed in full colour. This personal touch allows photographers to leave a lasting impression on their clients.

But that’s not all, both of the bundles come prefilled with FSC certified wood wool filling which is a sustainable option for customers.

Woodland & Wooden Flip Box Bundle

The Woodland & Wooden Flip Box Bundle is a stylish and chic option that also showcases our beautiful Woodland USB. This bundle is available in light or dark wood, and it can be engraved or printed in full colour.

Photographers who have used this bundle in the past recommend it for its elegant and autumnal feel, but also for how brilliantly the engraving appears on the wood, leaving a clean and timeless finish.

The Journey Begins in Our Studio...

All of our woodland USB bundles are personalised in our studio, making sure that every logo or design is engraved to perfection. The best part in all of this is that these bundles are also finished by hand right here in the UK, so photographers are guaranteed to receive unique, and high-quality bundles.

the USB2U print room

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