The Best Advice When Buying Branded USB Memory Sticks is: KISS

Branded UBS Memory Sticks are a great way to promote your business, support the launch of a new product, distribute import news and/or press releases and engender brand loyalty.

Branded USB Memory Sticks

Whilst there are of course lots of other promotional products on the market very few offer the combination of high-perceived value, usefulness, portability and above all the ability to store content that can easily be viewed or printed when the stick is connected to a PC or Mac via a USB port.

Not enough customers pre-load files onto USB memory sticks when they distribute them and failing to do this is missing a real trick because by pre-loading files such as sales PDF’s, media files, price lists, product brochures, press releases can save vast amounts of money that’s normally spent printing, transporting and distributing these items. Not only will you save money by pre-loading your branded USB memory sticks but you’ll make the USB sticks even more useful to the recipient and if you’re giving them away at a show or event they’ll appreciate that you’re not burdening them with tons of paper to lug around.

So, loading data onto any branded USB memory sticks you buy should be a “no-brainer” but there are other basics that should also be considered. Perhaps the best advice is to follow the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” (KISS) approach first advocated by the engineers on the Lockheed Skunk Works. The basic premise of this approach is that simple is often best and when choosing the right memory stick for your company and perhaps more importantly the right logo to

Braned USB Sticks

print, simple is often best.

Don’t choose “fussy” logos or design concepts that have lots of intricate colours and/or shades because they simply won’t print well on the small space available on a USB stick. Don’t choose over fussy USB stick designs when simple will work just as well but do load data onto the sticks to enhance their worth and usefulness.

If you do want to package the USB sticks go for a simple white box (possibly with a one colour logo printed on the box) or a plain presentation tin with a “window” that allows you to see the USB stick in the tin.

By following this approach not only will you keep your costs in check because you won’t be paying for complex print set up fees and print charges but you’ll typically find that your brand will stand out much more clearly. If you want to make more of a visual impact try going with a different body colour for the USB drive

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