Ten Reasons To Buy Printed USB Memory Sticks

It’s difficult to escape the fact that USB memory sticks are everywhere these days. USB memory sticks have usurped CD’s as the most popular way to save, store and carry data files around, they are a key business tool for many and a fundamental part of most students daily life.

On their path to dominance USB sticks have evolved from fairly boring, rectangular “lumps” of plastic into a product that is now available in hundreds of different styles, designs, colours and into a product that is now manufactured from a wide range of materials (plastic, metal, leather etc.) and memory sizes.

Printed USB Sticks

Memory sticks have also become incredibly popular as “giveaways” within the promotional market and here’s just a few reasons why:

10 Reasons why companies, school and universities buy branded USB memory sticks:

1. Branded USB Memory sticks are a unique way to get your brand in front of an existing or potential customer.
2. Memory sticks are a great way to deliver content to your customer, potential customers, students, parents or the press. The data can be passive (PDF files for example) which the user would need to click on to view or interactive for a more immersive experience.
3. Branded USB Memory sticks make excellent ‘keep sakes’ and there is a high probability that users will save their own information onto them thus making them a valuable asset with high-perceived value.
4. The cost of flash memory (the heart of any USB stick onto which the data is saved) has fallen dramatically over the past few years. As a consequence USB memory sticks have become a more attractive promotional option for many. They’re still not as cheap as a brand CD or DVD but their added appeal more than outweighs this higher cost.
5. There are now hundreds and hundreds of designs and styles to choose from and if none of the “standard” shapes are suitable its relatively easy to get a fully customised (bespoke) solution, you just need to build in a couple of extra weeks into the lead time and be prepared to pay a little more for them – custom versions will be unique to your and are a cute way to generate “chatter and discussion” about your brand or product(s).

Printed USB Memory Sticks

6. Delivery times are now as little as 48hrs, which includes the printing of a logo so if you are pushed for a branded solution/gift in a hurry they might be suitable.
7. The minimum order quantity for fully printed/customised USB drives is only 50 pieces and with drives costing around £3 each the outlay is minimal.
8. CD / DVDs are now seen as old hat and are a technology that few companies now want to associate their brand with whereas USB memory sticks are seen a new, innovative, and to some degree “sexy” and are the “new kids on the block”
9. The technology that USB memory sticks are built on is well established and is highly reliable – something you want if your brand is printed on it.
10. There are lots of suppliers of branded USB memory sticks in the market today so they are relatively easy to source and the increased competition has kept prices low and quality high.

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