Summer Weddings are back on!

Summer Weddings are back on!

Summer Weddings back on in 2021 Summer Weddings back on in 2021

After over a year and a half of uncertainty and restrictions surrounding weddings, the UK government finally gave the green light for weddings to go ahead without restrictions on 19th July, much to the delight of the many professionals in the industry. According to, up to 475,000 weddings are scheduled to go ahead in 2021, after figures suggest 260,000 weddings were postponed due to the pandemic. That's a huge increase on the 280,000 weddings that typically happen each year.

Wedding photographers, videographers and other key wedding suppliers are now back to work full steam ahead, with jam packed weekdays as well as weekends to try and accommodate all the happy couples who have had to reschedule their big day. Wedding photographers are taking on so much work in such a short period of time to try and keep their customers happy that it's critical to be as organised as possible in order to deliver a high level of service.

Here at USB2U, we have summarized our range of different packages to available suit every budget, to help you get stocked up for the season ahead. Browse our range of USB sticks for photographers to see which option is most suited to your business requirements:

USB only

White leather Rodeo USB with lights in background

Keeping it simple with a USB only option is cost effective and fuss free choice when handing over a client gallery face to face or by simply popping in the post. Our range of USBs can be personalised with your business name, or a generic message depending on your preference. With styles in a faux leather finish, wood, metal or even glass, there is a style to suit every type of photography business.

USB & Gift Box

Black Leather USB and gift box with photography logo

If you're looking to create more of an impact when delivering wedding images to your clients, then why not browse our USB and box bundles. All our USB boxes come pre filled with either foam or natural wood wool to keep the USB in place, and the USBs are printed or engraved with your logo. Turn your image delivery into an unwrapping and unboxing experience with a USB gift box.

USB & Prints Box

Wooden USB and Prints in Gift Box

Finally, if you're looking for the "wow factor" when delivering client galleries, then why not pair the digital images on the USB Stick together with some traditional 6 x 4 prints. Our range of USB print box bundles are large enough to accommodate prints and many photographers tend to add their own finishing touches such as a decorative ribbon, or perhaps some confetti from the big day itself.


Delivering carefully crafted and edited images to their clients in a timely fashion is a crucial part of the wedding photography experience, and photographers are stocking up now on sets of USB and Presentation Box Bundles so that they have everything they need to hand ready to deliver when the time comes. Editing is such a time consuming part of the process,  so running out of USBs at the final hurdle is not an option when you have clients chasing you for their treasured images. Let us help you stay ahead of the game: get in touch with our friendly team today to talk you through your options.

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