Summer Photography

Summer Photography

Maple Rectangle Photo Slide Box with images and engraved Wooden USB stickFrom wedding photography to festivals and sports competitions, photographers are needed for a huge variety of different events up and down the country, and with Summer fast approaching and the weather warming up, photographers will be more in demand than ever before.

Summer is of course prime wedding season, and on top of that it is also festival season. This means that most photographers and videographers will be gearing up the busiest time of their year, leaving them little time between shooting and editing their content to think about some of the finer details. Luckily, here at USB2U we can deal with all of that for you, with our excellent USB and presentation box bundles, loved by photographers and videographers up and down the country.

These bundles are designed to create a professional impression in your chosen field, and with a wide variety of choice we have something appropriate for almost any style of photography. Below, we will outline a couple of the different styles of bundles we have, that cover a variety of different styles.


Woodland & Wooden Slide Box Bundle

One of our more popular bundles, the Woodland & Wooden Slide Box Bundle is a compact yet effective bundle with the possibility for printing and engraving on the box itself.

An eco-friendly choice, both the box and the USB are made from sustainable maple wood, certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Whilst a simple looking product, when fully branded this packs a professional punch and engraving in particular looks fantastic on the light wood box.

A large branding area means bold designs are easily achievable, and even more intricate logos can be engraved to stunning effect.

Maple and Walnut Woodland USBs and Wooden Slide Boxes

Woodland USB & Rectangle Photo Slide Box Bundle

The Woodland USB & Rectangle Photo Slide Box is one of our most popular bundles, and is particularly cherished by wedding photographers. The design of this box means it is ideal for presenting traditional print photos alongside digital copies via the USB itself.

The box itself has two compartments. The large one is sized to house traditional 6  x 4 photos, the smaller is ideal for housing a USB flash drive. Filled with FSC certified wood wool filling, this is a very environmentally friendly choice of photography USB bundle.

Like the wooden slide box, this box can be branded via full colour digital printing or engraving. An extremely generous branding area means this is perfect for those with bold or complicated designs.

Woman holding Walnut Rectangle Photo Slide Box

Rodeo & Black Flip Box Bundle

The Rodeo USB is made using vegan-friendly faux leather, and is finished with black or white faux leather and a polished chrome bevel. The chrome and leather finish ensures a classy, professional aesthetic whilst still providing an ethical, cruelty-free production.

The black flip box itself is made from robust cardboard and has a premium feel and appearance. The box also features custom cut foam inserts that ensure your USBs fit securely inside. It is a good balance between wanting something that is pleasing overall, whilst recognising the concerns a growing number of people have about unnecessary packaging.

Both the Rodeo USB & the Black Flip Box can be branded via printing or embossing.

Branded USB Packaging with Branded Black and White Leather USBs

Woodland & Photo Flip Box Bundle

The Woodland & Photo Flip Box Bundle of our newer photography bundles, this combines one of our best selling USBs with one of our most popular boxes.

The woodland USB is made from either maple or walnut sustainable wood, whilst the flip box is made from a sturdy and glossy finished cardboard.

The box is designed to either fit 6 x 4 physical prints for your client, or any other gifts you would wish to provide them, and the USB is housed via custom cut foam.

The Woodland USB can be branded either via printing or via engraving, whilst the box accommodates full colour printing.

Photography box with wooden usb stick

Take a look at our shop here, where you can browse all of our available bundles.

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