Still Sending Out Paper Brochures - Save A Fortune With USB Flash Drives

Are you one of the thousands of companies that are still sending out glossy, thick, and expensive sales brochures in the post? It’s bad enough if you’re sending these out domestically but if you’re sending them internationally the costs can spiral rapidly.

Print and paper cost are much higher than they used to be and postage costs continue to escalate at levels way beyond inflation.

If you’re a regular buyer of paper for your brochures you might have been lucky enough to see relatively modest price increase of around 4-5% in the last year but without a contract you could have seen prices increase by as much as 20%!

Postage costs are not much better either – to send a relatively small brochures to most major European countries will cost around £3-£4 in postage fees alone and you’ve got to add to this the cost of a large, decent quality padded envelope as well!

On this basis a printing and mailing a moderate sized brochure to customers in the UK could easily cost an average of £4-£5 and brochures sent into Europe could cost as much as £10 each. That’s an awful lot of money for something that “might” get used or might just end up in the bin within a couple of minutes of being opened.

A much cheaper option and an option that is likely to get your brand much higher levels of exposure is to use a branded USB flash drive printed with your company logo and contact details and pre-loaded with an “electronic” version of your brochure.

Twister USB Flash Drives

Branded USB flash drives (even with your data pre-loaded) cost as little as £2-£3 each and because they are much small and lighter than a paper brochure the cost to post them out is a fraction of their paper equivalent.

The real beauty of using flash drives to distribute your brochure is that you can include so much more information without any increase in the cost. For example you couple pre-load onto your USB flash drives price lists, technical drawings, press releases, video clips and presentation files.

The recipient of the branded flash drive can either transfer the electronic brochure onto their work PC or they can keep it on the flash drive. Either way they’re likely to keep the flash drive and use it to store and carry their own data on – in this way your brand gets on-going exposure.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for USB flash drives printed with your logo and pre-loaded with your brochure then give us a call on 0800 008 7079 or fill in the on-line quote form on our web site.

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