Stick it on a USB Credit Card – It’s the best solution

No, we’re not advocating the use of credit cards to fund your business growth although we do know a number of business owners that started out this way and now run hugely successful and multi-million pound turnover businesses. Not for the faint hearted.

Rather we are suggesting that if you are looking to buy promotional USB memory sticks but you’ve got a large image, logo or perhaps a great photo that you want printing on the USB’s then you’re going to struggle with the limited print area on most “standard” USB memory sticks. A much better option is to use a USB Credit Card.

USB Credit cards are relatively new but they’ve very quickly become a firm favourite because:

  1. They’re a shape we’re all familiar with and as such we all have wallets, purses, bags etc. to carry them in
  2. The latest versions are only 2mm thick so they are only marginally thicker than a standard bank issued card!
  3. They come in a wide range of memory sizes all the way up to a whopping 32GB
  4. They can be printed in full colour (with the full image bleed to the edge of the card) on both sides
  5. They are held in stock in the UK so they can be printed, data-loaded and delivered in as little as 24hrs!

USB Credit Cards USB Credit Cards

Obviously the key point of differentiation with these cards is the print area – as you can see from these examples we can produce stunning results on our USB cards. All we need is for you to supply us with the artwork and our print and design team will take care of the rest. Nothing gets printed until you are happy so we’ll take you through a formal mock-up, sample and approval process before we start the mass production of your cards.

It’s the same with any data you want loading – ideally email us the file of or simply send it to us via a service like DropBox. We’ll them arrange to create a “USB Master”, we’ll test this and then send you screen shots of the data for your approval. Data-loading up to 300MB is free* (*there is a small charge if you want your USB Cards and data on any of our rush service options – your Account Manager can advise).

For anyone that was around in the 80’s we like to think of these cards along the same lines as the old Access Credit Cards – Your Flexible Friend! (lost on anyone under the age of 40 – doesn’t time fly)

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