Some Great Packing Options for Printed USB Credit Cards

Printed USB credit cards and printed USB business cards are incredibly popular at the moment. Partly it’s because they are a little bit different from the general range of USB memory sticks on offer and partly it’s because they allow you to print much larger images with much greater clarity.

The fact that they are only 2mm thick and therefore slip easily into a purse or wallet designed to take a regular credit card or business card also adds to their appeal. Surprisingly given how slim they are they still come in memory sizes all the way up to a whopping 16GB which is more than the storage that you used to get on some PC’s only a few years ago!

USB Credit Card Magnetic Boxes USB2U

When these USB cards are printed to look just like a regular business card they typically have contact details on one side and the company logo and information on the other but unlike regular paper or card business cards the USB versions can also have lots of information about the company pre-loaded onto the card before they are handed out. This makes them particularly good for use at  trade shows and exhibitions because instead of printing and transporting lots of glossy brochures and then stapling a business card to them the business card has the brochure, web site details, video clips etc. pre-installed onto it!

Getting USB cards pre-loaded with brochures and other files is typically free providing you have the information ready before the cards are produced but even if you can’t get the information this early in the process the post-production cost to load data is only pennies.

USB Credit Card Wallets

If you really want to push the boat out with your USB cards then you can order them with a number of different packing solutions. Some of the more popular are plastic magnetic clip boxes and black leather style wallets. Both of these protect the card and certainly add to the overall aesthetic of the card as a “gift”. The plastic clip boxes are transparent so the logo of any printed USB card inserted in them can still be seen quite clearly but they are a little heavier and bigger than the leather style wallets that slip tightly around the USB cards.

Both options are available from USB2U. The magnetic boxes can be printed as well and the cards and boxes are available as part of USB2U’s standard rush service.

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