Showcasing the New Retractor USB Flash Drive

This is a new USB flash drive that we’re really excited about. The Retractor USB drive is available in a wide range of vibrant colours, it has no cap to lose, it offers a good, flat print area, it’s easy to attach to a keyring or lanyard and it comes in a wide range of memory sizes.

New Retractor USB Flash Drives

If you were drawing up a shortlist of “must-have” features for a promotional USB flash drive then the Retractor would tick all of the boxes and some. If you’d like a sample of the Retractor USB drive just give us a call or fill out our on-line quote enquiry form – just make sure you ask for a sample in the comments box!

Whether you choose this new model or any of the others in our extensive portfolio you’ll be in good company because promotional USB flash drives are “the hot” product at the moment.

Lots of companies (large and small) are now buying flash drives to:

  1. Hand out at trade fairs and exhibitions – the drives are typically printed with the company logo and website URL and pre-loaded with appropriate sales material (PDF brochures, price lists, tech sheets, media files, customer reviews, and dynamic links to their web pages, Twitter accounts and other Social Media).
  2. Give to their sales teams as “leave-behinds” – rather than leave a ton of sales brochures following a sale visit companies have found they get better success if they leave their brochure behind on a USB stick. Not only do the USB sticks get used to view the sales material pre-loaded on them but, they usually get used by the recipient to store and transport their own data on - thus ensuring the brand printed on it is “front on mind”.
  3. Replace CD and DVD’s which are now considered “old hat” – if you want to create a strong impression then you’re much better off sending giving out or mailing out USB flash drives.
  4. Hand out at press launches, seminars or conferences – if you’ve got information you want to disseminate to an audience then its much more convenient to load this information onto a USB stick and hand this out – gone are the days when people are happy to walk away from a seminar with armfuls of photocopied PowerPoint slides and speakers notes.

Retractor USB Flash Drives

Whatever your reason for buying USB flash drives for your business we strongly recommend putting the Retractor USB Flash Drive model on your shortlist.

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