Save you Holiday with a Power Bank

The latest security measures implemented by Heathrow and Manchester on flights to the US mean could mean you miss your holiday if you turn up at the boarding gate for your flight with a device that doesn’t switch on. This includes smart phones, iPads and tablets, electric shavers and hand-held games.

The checks don’t just apply if Heathrow or Manchester is the starting point for your holiday. Incoming passengers from other airports that are transferring to flights will be subject to the same checks and consequences. Put simply if your smart phone (or other device) does not power up when requested by the security staff at the airport you may (subject to their being enough time before your flight closes) be allowed to make use of any charging points in the airport. Alternatively you will be given the option of using a MailandFly service where you pay a fee for your “banned” goods to be stored for up to 42 days or shipped separately to a forwarding address.

Once these options have been exhausted you may simply be removed from the flight. It’s a very fluid situation at the moment with many of the major carriers still to define and publish their plans. The basic advice is to make sure that any electrical gadget you want to take with you on your flight can be powered up both at the security gates and at the boarding gate – if they don’t you run the risk of losing them and potentially being ejected from the flight.

Use a Power Bank to charge your Phone before you fly

The rules also apply to any new electronic item you buy at the airport so you can’t just assume because you’ve bought it “airside” that it will be ok – even if it’s still in its original packaging!

One option is to carry a small Power Bank with you. These are re-chargeable external power supply units that you can pre-charge before you set off on your travels. Should you then start to run low on power whilst you’re at the airport you can simply plug the Power Bank into your smart phone, iPhone or tablet and within a few minutes it will give your device enough charge to power on and pass the security checks. Leave it plugged in for between 1hr to 2hrs and it will fully charge your smart phone!

Even if you have to abandon your power bank (and they only costs a few pounds) once you’ve charged your devices with it then at least you’ll still be able to travel and more importantly you’ll be able to travel with your phone!

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