Review Of The Twister USB Flash Drive

Over the last eight years we have supplied thousands of customers with hundreds of thousands of branded flash drives and during this time lots of new models have come and gone but one flash drive has stubbornly remained the top choice.

Twister USB Flash Drives

The Twister Flash Drive has and continues to be the most popular of all the USB Flash Drives that we sell. Whether it’s to our corporate clients or to schools and universities the Twister is most commonly requested and most often ordered. The reason for its popularity is a combination of factors:

  1. It’s compact and lightweight. The Twister flash drive is only marginally smaller than most other drives but it just seems smaller but without being so small that you’re in danger of losing it. The sizing seems to be just about spot on, not too big and not too small.
  2. There’s no cap to lose. The Twister (also known as the Swivel or Rotate) takes gets its name because part of the body twists around to protect the USB connector and because of this no cap is needed and of course there is therefore no cap to lose!
  3. The Twister flash drive looks great printed, engraved or using a “dome sticker”. The “clip” the section that is printed is a reasonable size, its flat and it carries print well.
  4. There are lots of standard colours to chose from and that will compliment any brand or logo but if you want a specific colour then with the Twister Flash Drive its not a problem because pantone matching is FREE! Pantone matched Twisters look great and really help to lift the overall effect of the printed flash drive. Its important to choose a colour that compliments your logo so if you’re in any doubt ask our design team to mock up some examples for you.

    Magners USB Twister
  5. The “clips” on the Twister Flash drive can be changed very easily, which means you, can change the design or print at a later date without having to buy new memory sticks – you just order some more printed clips and pop them on!
  6. The “clips” on a Twister can be supplied in different colours with White and Black being very popular at the moment. Black clips attached to a black twister look particularly good if you have a nice strong and vibrant logo to work with.
  7. Attaching a lanyard or key ring attachment is easy because there is an integral loop built into the rotating clip on the twister.
  8. The Twister is the most competitively priced of all of our branded flash drives and is available in sizes ranging from 64MB to 16GB albeit the most popular memory size tends to be 1GB or 2GB.

There have been plenty of new pretenders that have tried to steal the crown of the Twister Flash Drive over the years but they have all be vanquished. For now at least the Twister is the King and nothing in the near term looks set to change this.

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