Review Of The Leather USB Flash Drive

When reviewing Leather USB flash drives its perhaps first worth making it clear that there are several designs that fall within this category namely the Boss, the Rodeo and the Cowboy drive.

Standard USB flash drives tend to be manufactured from plastic or aluminium or a combination of these two materials whereas leather flash drives are made from good quality leather combined with highly polished lightweight stainless steel. The overall effect is a flash drive that is both stylish, classy looking and incredibly robust. Just like any accessory made from leather you just know its going to last and withstand easily the knocks and bumps that everyday life will throw at it. Think of the punishment your leather wallet, purse or leather key fob takes and just how good these items still look several years after the initial purchase!

Leather USB Flash Drive

Leather flash drives ooze quality and are therefore an excellent choice as a promotional items for high net worth clients or for use with exclusive or top end brands. If the standard brown, black or white leather options are not ideal then the leather can be pantone matched to any colour from your logo or indeed to any colour you want (maybe a colour that contrasts well with your logo). Whichever colour you choose you’ll end up with a great looking and tactile product that will really help to enhance your brand.

Leather Memory Sticks

Leather USB memory sticks are available in all the standard memory sizes ranging from 512MB all the way up to 16GB. They can be supplied with our without gift boxes and some of the gift boxes can be branded as well to enhance the overall impact when they are handed out.

Because they are effectively standard flash drives dressed up in a leather and metal “skin” they can be used just like any regular drive and you can of course pre-load them with your own sales brochures or conference details before they are handed out. Pre-loading flash drives is now an incredibly popular option because the more information/brochures you can pre-load on the memory stick the less you have to print and the more print costs you can save.

If you’re not sure whether to go for a leather drive or branded USB stick with the more commonly used plastic/metal drives then ask your supplier for a free sample and ask them to mock up the various styles with your logo on. We’re pretty sure that once you’ve seen them in the flesh that the leather versions will steal your heart and your decision.

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