Top custom USBs for drink company promotions

If you’re in the drinks industry then it’s always a challenge coming up with new, exciting and innovative ways to promote your product whilst ensuring you only promote responsible drinking! The alcoholic drinks sector spends hundreds of millions of pounds each year promoting products, with much of this being spent on screen and print based advertising. More recently, drinks companies have turned to branded flash drives and customer USB memory sticks to get their message across.

Pre-loaded with TV adverts, media files, press releases, discount vouchers, and links to websites (including links to the Drinkaware website), these present a really interesting and novel marketing opportunity. We’ve already seen a number of major drinks brands use custom USB sticks to support the launch of a new product, and some of the smaller Scottish distilleries have even taken a shine to USB barrels and are using these to target their customers with offers.

So, if as a drinks company you think custom made USB sticks would work for your marketing, why not try one of these great designs:

USB Bottle Opener


Make sure your customers never struggle to open a bottle again with a USB bottle opener, completely branded up with your logo and marketing message.

USB Bottles and USB Corks


USB Bottles and USB Corks

You can’t use these corks to stopper a bottle, but both the corks and bottles make great giveaways and open up chat opportunities, especially at press events!

USB Barrels


USB Barrels

Honed from wood and metal, these URL barrels are extremely strong and durable, and can be printed or engraved with your logo.


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