Promotional USB Wristband Flash Drives – A Little Bit Different

If you’re looking to give your sales a bit of a push in 2012 or perhaps you’ve got an event, show or seminar coming up soon and you’re considering using USB flash drives to help drive awareness then what about USB wristbands?

Although USB wristbands have been around for a while schools, universities and companies targeting a young demographic have typically used them to get their message(s) across. The perception that these products are better suited to the young has historically been fuelled by the craze for relationship wristbands, charity wristbands and gel bands (all in different colours, with each colour denoting a different meaning). But, the craze for Gel bands and bracelets amongst the youth seems to be on the wane and at the same time companies are now beginning to explore the benefits of USB wristbands.

USB wristbands USB wristbands

A USB wristband is a rubber wristband with a USB connector used to connect to two parts of the wristband together. Discretely tucked inside the wristband is the flash memory and the controller chips. The USB wristband work just like any other flash drive – you simply pull the two ends of the bracelet apart to reveal the connector, push it into your PC and away you go. Memory sizes from 128MB all the way up to 32GB are available and the wristbands come in a wide range of different colours – typically pretty bright colours so they are easy to see.

If you have a seminar, conference, or off-site meeting/event then USB wristbands are a great choice, particularly if you issue a different coloured wristband to each “team” or group of attendees. They are large enough to carry a decent sized image or a reasonable amount of text and colourful enough to generate a bit of a buzz and interest.

Like most promotional USB flash drives the trick is to pre-load them with your sales material, data-files, media files and links to your web site, Twitter account, Facebook account and so on. Pre-loading data is normally done free of charge providing it is ready at the time you place your order. It’s definitely worth getting the data pre-loaded rather than loading the data yourself because this can be a real “grind”!!!

USB wristbands are certainly a little bit different from the standard “run of the mill” USB flash drives and well worth considering in 2012.

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