Promotional USB Sticks Replace CD’s and DVD’s

Ever since USB memory sticks hit the market around 10 years ago it was only going to be a matter of time before they replaced CD’s and DVD’s as the preferred way to hand out and share company information.

Their adoption has been accelerated over recent years partly because laptop manufacturers now rarely include CD/DVD reader on their new models and partly because USB memory sticks are simply a better technology.

Of course it helps that the price of USB sticks has fallen dramatically over the past few years. In addition to this the amount of memory you can now buy for a few pounds wouldn’t have seem possible even 2-3 years ago.

But more than anything else it’s the range of styles and types of USB that are now available that has really lit a fire under the sale of promotional USB memory sticks. Gone are the days when there were just a few simple rectangular and purely functional models to choose from. Today they are available in hundreds of different shapes and styles; some are made from wood, some from plastic, some from leather, some from bamboo and some from PVC.

The companies, schools and universities that are buying them in there thousands don’t even have to restrict themselves to a standard colour or a standard design. Any colour is possible simply by pantone matching the plastic or leather to a specific pantone reference or colour swab. If companies want something completely unique then they can now commission fully bespoke USB sticks made in any 2D or 3D shape – literally anything is possible, USB sticks in the shape of a training shoes, lips, ships, cars, pieces of fruit, anything!

Promotional USB Memory Sticks - Custom Versions

Any chosen model of USB stick can then be printed or engraved and supplied complete with a fully personalised gift box. It’s also likely that these USB sticks will be pre-loaded with data-files (presentations, video clips, speakers notes etc.) before they are handed out.

When handed out today’s promotional USB memory sticks are incredibly well received – people like them, they like being given them and more importantly they keep them and use them and they keep on using them. So popular have they become that USB memory sticks are now the most popular technology based promotional product in the world and whilst something will ultimately supercede them (just as they superceded the CD and DVD) for now at least they are what most savvy marketers, advertising agents, PR companies, schools and professional photographers are choosing.

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