Promotional USB Memory Sticks Printed or Engraved and Delivered in 24hrs

When you want promotional USB memory sticks in a hurry there really is only one company to turn to and that’s USB2U.  It’s their 10th anniversary this year and during this time they have supplied millions of USB sticks to tens of thousands of customers so when it comes to USB sticks I think it’s fair to say they know what they are doing.

Over the years USB2U have invested heavily in in-house capabilities to design, print, engrave and data-load USB memory sticks. Today they are in the enviable position of being able to print, engrave  and data-load thousands of sticks in the UK each and every day. So, if you need promotional flash drives in a hurry or maybe you just need a small “test run” then not a problem – just give the team at USB2U a call and they’ll talk you through the stock they currently hold, the print and engraving options and even the range of optional extras they can supply like boxes, keyrings and lanyards.

Having read the numerous reviews about USB2U’s service on the independent 3rd party review site Trustpilot it’s clear that their customers love the service they get and are particularly pleased at how quickly rush orders are turned around. They currently score 9.6 out of 10 with an overall ranking of “Excellent”

Here’s just a few of the comments left by customers:

Alex of Leeds College said: “Fantastic service all the way through from enquiry to delivery!  - The experience of dealing with USB2U has been great - very starightforward in terms of the products they offer, placing the order and receiving the delivery of the items. Highly recommended!! “

Wend Grant Photography said: “A fabulous product and fabulous service!  - I've just ordered a second batch of customised USB sticks and boxes from USB2U. My clients' LOVE them! “

Don of Minitran Ltd said:  “Fast, Friendly, Flawless.  A great company to work with who did all they could to help us with our orders. We will definitely be doing business with this company again.”

You can read all of the reviews on USB2U from their customers on the Trustpilot site.

So, if you are in the market for promotional USB memory sticks and you need them in a hurry then make USB2U your first port of call. Based on the experiences of other customers you’ll be in safe hands!

USB Memory Sticks in 24hrs or less

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