Promotional USB Memory Sticks - Looking Good In Leather

The promotional USB memory stick market tends to be dominated by plastic and metal products but for those looking for something a little different there is always leather or wood.

Leather USB memory sticks are only marginally more expensive than standard plastic or metal counterparts but when you compare them in the flesh it’s a pretty easy decision to make to spend the extra cash. The price differential is typically only 20p – 30p per sticks! The leather versions are incredibly stylish, robust, and tactile and like most leather products they are warm to the touch and ooze quality.

Leather USB Memory Sticks

If your company brand warrants marketing as a “prestige” or premium” brand then it’s definitely worth looking at the leather options (for example we currently supply them to Aston Marti and Maserati). Equally, if you’re looking for a promotional give-away or “thank you” gift for conference speakers or company executives then leather USB memory sticks will deliver the right level of sophisticated appreciation.

In terms of branding leather USB memory sticks are either embossed or printed with embossing being the most popular option. Embossing is more subtle. It won’t rug off and it will age with the leather but the downside with embossing is that the branding is subtle – it’s not going to jump out at you from the memory stick because there is no colour or printing involved. If you want immediate visual impact then printing is the way to go but do bear in mind that over time any print will fade and eventually it will rub off.

There are lots of different models of leather USB memory sticks to choose from and all of them have been designed to allow you to attach the memory stick to a lanyard, key ring or belt loop. As they are premium products they really deserve giving away in a custom (printed) gift box – there are lots to choose from and most come with a custom cut foam insert that allows them to be shown off at their best.

Leather USB Flash Drives

If you do buy leather USB memory sticks (or any type of promotional USB stick for that matter) then don’t forget to take full advantage of the memory capacity on the stick and pre-load your sales brochures, presentation slides, media files etc. onto them before you hand them out! Equally, if the memory sticks are being purchased as a “thank you” it’s a nice idea to include a personalised thank you message on the stick – in other words to pre-load the a personalised thank you file onto the stick that is displayed to the recipient when the memory stick is used for the first time.

USB2U supply a wide range of leather USB sticks and printed USB gift boxes and they can pre-load your data file for you as well – make sure to them to your short list of potential suppliers.

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