Promotional USB Clips – Another Classy Option Added to our Metal USB Range

If you’re been tasked to source promotional USB memory sticks on behalf of your company then one of the challenges you’ll face will be narrowing down your preferred choice from the hundreds of different styles and models that are now available. It helps if you have some idea before you start your search about what sort of material you’d like your USB sticks made from – again, there are lots of options including; metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, PVC and recycled cardboard.

It also helps if you’ve been given a clear direction on the brand or logo you need to use and whether you want your finished USB’s to be printed or engraved. Good artwork combined with the right USB drive and a finish (printing or engraving) are the key elements that you need to get right. It often helps to check out what other companies have done so check out sites like Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram where lots of them often post images of promotional USB sticks they’ve had produced – we have tons of images of real customer examples on our Flickr pages so it’s a good place to start.

In a way we’re not helping matters this week because we’ve been busy adding lots of new products to our portfolio including new capless models, a new wristband and lots of different card shaped designs. Today we take our latest metal USB live and this one is a USB Clip – it’s a bit like the “money clips” they are so fond of in the USA but it also doubles as a large paper clip so it can be used to attach to conference folders and presentation notes.

USB Clips

If you’re looking for a promotional USB flash drive with a bit of panache, a bit of style and something that has a dual purpose then our new USB Clip is certainly one to add to your shortlist. It’s not an option that can be printed (engraved only) but as you can see from the images here the results are brilliant.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you’re interested then ask for a free sample or mock-up (we’ll take your logo and provide you with a visual representation of what it will look like engraved on the Clip) – Mock-ups and samples are completely free of charge. There is no obligation to buy and we promise not to hassle you on the phone. What have you got to lose!

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