Promotional Power Banks – It’s the Little Things That Matter

The vast majority of Power Banks that you can buy today including the really cheap and potentially dangerous ones from lots of the Chinese Factories that spam email every day are only supplied with a single cable. This single cable is designed to allow you to charge the Power Bank via your PC and then transfer the charge from the Power Bank to your smart phone or tablet.

The problem is that the supplied cable will only work smart phones and tablets that use a Micro Cables which put simply means they are useless if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad! This is not an issue if you own say a Samsung Phone and you’re buying a Power Bank for your own use because the Micro cable will work fine with the Samsung but if you’ve also got an iPad or you subsequently change your phone to an iPhone then it won’t connect to them.

Power-Bank-Charging-Cable-(non universal verson)

The bigger issue is for companies looking to buy Power Banks as a promotional give-away is to make sure that everyone they give them to can use them. At the moment iPhones have a 32% market share in the UK with the market share for iPads not far behind. So if you buy a Power bank as a Promotional Giveaway and you only supply the standard micro cable then around one third of everyone you give them to won’t be able to use them! This is not just money wasted but rather than creating a positive association with your brand it will leave the recipient feeling deflated.

The best thing to do when buying them for any promotional activity is to spend a little more and buy a version that comes with a universal cable. Ideally a “universal” cable that includes the latest Apple Lightning connector – this way you future proof everyone you give them to. All of the Power Banks supplied by USB2U include a universal cable as standard (see image).

Power Banks with Universal Cables and iPhone Support

The design of the Power Banks typically means there is a largish flat area to print or engrave onto and as a result there is plenty of scope to put a really strong brand and/or strap line onto them. They also come in a range of different colours but white is the most popular and we carry it in stock so we can supply them printed (with the universal cables) in as little as 48hrs.

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