Printed USB Pens - Always a Winner!

Before the advent of USB memory sticks the most popular promotional product and the absolute “daddy” of the promotional world was the humble Pen.

Let’s face it despite the pervasiveness of technology (mobile phones, tablets etc.) we all still use and need a pen – whether it’s writing in a birthday card, signing a cheque, jotting down notes or completing application forms pens are an essential part of everyday life.

The mass appeal of a pen has been one of the reasons why it has long been a much sought after promotional gift but the fact that you can buy printed pins for pennies has also helped maintain its position as the most purchased promotional USB gift.

If you are looking to use pens as a giveaway, gift or “thank you” at an event, show, seminar or conference then you might want to consider giving away a USB pen. These innovative and exciting products combine all of the well know and established benefits of a traditional writing pen with the benefits of a USB flash drive!

Embedded in the body of the pen is a USB stick and they come in memory sizes from 128MB all the way up to a whopping 16GB – so you get loads of storage to save your documents, photos, music files and videos on and you get it in a form factor that we’re all familiar with – a pen!

USB writing pens are physically no larger than many conventional pens, they can be branded with a company logo just like a conventional pen and as you would expect they write just like conventional pens and yes you can buy replacement ink cartridges and refills for them just like any standard biro.

Price wise USB pens are only marginally more expensive than standard printed USB flash drives but the dual functionality more than makes up for this small price premium. When comparing the price of USB pens to “standard biro pens” it’s more difficult because the price range of pens is so wide – they are of course quite a bit more expensive than standard biro’s but equally they are significantly cheaper than some of the more expensive biro’s, rollerballs and fountain pens that are available.

At USB2U we offer a wide range of USB pens some of which we hold in stock in the UK and we can supply printed (and data-loaded) in as little as 24hrs! Our newest pen is the “Sleek USB Pen” – it’s the most competitively priced of all the USB pens we sell!

Sleek USB Pens - from USB2U

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