Printed USB Flash Drives With A Custom Body Colour

If you are considering buying promotional USB flash drives to support your advertising and marketing activities or maybe to hand out at a show, conference or seminar then its worth considering getting the body of the flash drives pantone matched.

Colour Matched USB

Pantone matching is a process that allows you to select one of the primary colours from your logo and get the body shell of the USB flash drive produced in this colour.

Whilst standard factory coloured flash drives that are printed up with a logo look great the results you can achieve with pantone matching are stunning. Pantone matching elevates a fairly standard flash drive to something that is unique and something that suggests significantly more effort and thought has been put into them.

In the past people have been put off ordering pantone or colour matched USB flash drives because the set-up costs have been prohibitively high. But, with the competition in the market for the supply of flash drives now hotting up it is sometimes possible to get a pantone matched drive for no extra cost. Even if you end up paying a small premium for pantone matching its certainly something worth considering.

If you’re not sure what a Pantone matched USB drive will look like hunt out local suppliers that have in-house designers and are able to mock-up the flash drives to show you what they’ll look like, Typically these designers will have developed an “eye” for which colours work and compliment each other best so throw the challenge at them and see what they come back with – if its not going to cost you anything for the mock-ups you’ve got nothing to lose.

Bear in mind that the lead times might be increased by 1-2 days and that pantone matching is only an option if you have the time for the factory to produce your drives to order – if you’re in a hurry and need your printed USB flash drives in a matter of hours or days they you’re going to have to go with standard factory colours or what you local supplier has in stock!

If you do have the time for a colour matched job you might also want to consider combining the drives with a a printed presentation tin or magnetic gift box. Flash drives really make an impact when handed out in customised gift boxes!

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