Printed Tins for Printed USB Memory Sticks

There’s something about being given a gift in a tin that somehow elevates its overall worth or certainly its perceived overall worth. Tins, particularly those printed with a logo, look fantastic, feel fantastic and as well as adding to the overall aesthetic they provide an excellent level of protection to the product encased in its robust outer skin.

When you spend money buying promotional items like USB flash drives one of the key objectives is to make an impact (and hopefully a memorable impact) when you hand them out. It’s a small thing and some might argue that boxes, packaging and tins will just end up discarded in a bin. But, that initial “wow” factor when someone is given a gift is all important and gifts that are well thought out, well presented and well packaged stand a much better chance of being remembered – that’s what you want from anything you give out to customer (or prospective customers), you want to be remembered and you want the memory to be as positive as possible.

USB Memory Sticks - Presentation Tins

Fortunately there are a range of different types and sizes of tin boxes available for printed USB memory sticks and most of these can be printed or engraved with a logo to compliment any branding on the printed USB stick placed inside it. There are also tins with a “window” built into the lid so that the USB sticks (and the brand printed on them) can be seen easily without opening the tin lid.

The tins tend to come in two different sizes (large and small) with the large ones measuring 119mm x 89mm and the smaller ones coming in at 92mm x 62mm. Both sizes offer plenty of room to print a good size logo or image on but smaller ones have the benefit of being easier to store, transport and carry.

USB Flash Drives - Printed Tins

Inside each tin are two pieces of custom cut foam (typically black) that create a soft cocoon for the USB sticks to be held securely in place – black foam tends to be used because it helps to make the USB’s placed inside the tin stand out. The only exception is when black USB drives are used and then the black foam will usually be swapped out for white foam.

In terms of cost the tins (even printed) are surprisingly inexpensive given the overall added value and visual impact they add. Next time you are looking to buy printed or engraved USB memory sticks it’s certainly worth asking for a price for the tins.


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