Printed and Promotional USB Sticks – A Roller Coaster Ride

No, this is not about the challenges of finding a reputable supplier of promotional USB memory sticks but instead it’s about the changes taking place at theme parks around the world and how USB sticks are now likely to be offered to you at the end of your rides/visit.

Visit any theme park and you’ll quickly discover that your picture is worth a small fortune (it has to be given the price you’re asked to pay for photos at the end of each ride).  Let’s face it when you visit a theme park it’s almost impossible to avoid having your photograph taken whilst you’re scared out of your wits on an extreme “thrill” ride or whilst you’re getting soaked on the log flumes and water slides

The savvy theme park operators know that these photos, as embarrassing as they are, make brilliant souvenirs and of course they’re a great reminder of a fun packed day spent with family and friends. As a parent “pester effect” at the end of each ride as you’re corralled though a gift shop and photo booth can be irritating but the photos are a great source of revenue to the theme park operators.

USB Sticks Enjoying a Day Out at a Theme Park

If you’re tempted to buy any of the photographs then there is the hassle of carrying them around with you all day (and keeping them dry and flat). Some theme parks have a facility where you can order them at the end of each ride and pick them up on your way out. Handy.

It’s been possible (from some of the theme parks) to buy a portfolio of photos at the end of your visit on a CD or DVD and recently, some of the larger and more “switched on” theme parks have introduced an option to buy the ride photographs on a printed USB memory stick. This is a great idea because it’s far easier and a lot more convenient to carry around a small USB flash drive with you as you go around the park. Then, at the end of each ride if you see a photo you like you can simply hand over your flash drive and get the images copied onto it! There’s even scope to combine an admission of “fast pass” wristband with a USB stick – a USB wristband!

The benefit of buying digital copies of the snaps is that they are easy to print off on your own colour printer and just as easy to upload to Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Of course you can do this with your smart phone but it’s a bit tricky taking a “selfie” as rocket around a thrill ride and you’re pulling several “G’s” in a tight turn!

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