Prepare for GDPR with Hardware Encrypted USBs

Prepare for GDPR with Hardware Encrypted USBs



With GDPR fast approaching, there is a growing need for companies of all sizes to take a long hard look at their current business policies and procedures when it comes to data protection. The ramifications of ignoring the new EU regulation entirely are well known by now, with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) given authority to fine businesses as much as 4% of their annual turnover or €20 million if they are in breach of the law.


Encrypted USBs and Data Protection

Kingston DataTraveler Privacy 3.0Encrypted USB sticks offer a quick and easy solution to protect businesses and ensure they are compliant with GDPR if employees share personal data between departments or within their team. It’s easy enough to see why firms are choosing to invest in them when you take into account just how many data breaches occur each year from USBs and hard drives being lost, misplaced or stolen. When not encrypted, these devices can be easily accessed by a third party and put thousands of people’s data at risk. Making encrypted USBs readily available to staff can ensure that data can still be shared safely and with confidence.

In general hardware encrypted USBs that are manufactured with their own built-in encryption are considered more robust and a securer option compared to those that use software encryption. As they are pre-loaded with the encryption already on, they also don’t require the user to have any prior knowledge of how to setup or use, making it significantly more accessible to all employees. Many of the encrypted USBs offered by USB2U are also anti-brute force attack, adding another layer of protection that standard software encrypted USBs do not.


Using Software Encryption

While many companies opt to use software encryption to protect flash drives; it could be argued that the solution offered is not necessarily advanced enough for large organisations or companies which handle large amounts of personal data. A software encrypted device, for instance, is only as secure as the operating system it is used on; therefore if there is a potential security issue then the USB itself can still be compromised.


Data vs Security Breach

Encrypted USBs ensure that data can never be accessed by unauthorised personnel. Even if such flash drives were to be lost or stolen, the information could not be accessed and therefore, it’s only considered to be a security breach rather than a data breach. Consequences for security breaches, in general, tend to be a lot less severe and in most cases don’t end up with companies being fined.


What we offer

Kingston DataTraveler 4000 G2USB2U offers a selection of hardware encrypted USBs which can be customised with a logo/brand, offering an ideal solution for businesses seeking to improve their overall data protection and help them take a step forward in becoming fully GDPR compliant. Whether it is our Kingston® DataTraveler models or new SafeToGo® USBs, we can offer a bespoke solution for businesses of any size, with the added benefit of being able to brand onto each stick via our printing and engraving facilities.

Additional services such as serial numbering, printing individual names on to each stick and SafeConsole® management options are available on request!

For more information on our encrypted USB sticks please contact [email protected].

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