Premium White USB Gift Boxes are back in Stock!

It’s been a painful couple of months whilst we waited for the arrival of our latest sea freight delivery of USB gift boxes but we’re delighted to announce that they are finally with us! We’ve got lots of back-orders to fulfil for patient customers that were desperate for these boxes – all of these will be fulfilled this week.

Whilst we now have thousands of the white gift boxes in stock they are expected to go pretty quickly so if you are interested in getting your hands on some of these boxes this side of Christmas we strongly recommend that you get your order in now.

These particular gift boxes are very popular because they’re a little big bigger than most USB gift boxes so they really do make an impact when handed out. They’re finished to a very high standard and they come complete with custom cut black foam inserts (custom cut to match the USB sticks you buy). But, the real clincher is the quality of print that can be achieved on them – the images shown here are of actual boxes that have been printed by us – they look amazing!

When combined with our USB sticks the “complete package” of stick and box is very impressive and whilst it has broad appeal across our customer base it’s a package that seems to appeal to Professional Photographers who like the larger size of the box and the ability to get creative with the larger print space on offer.

White USB Gift Boxes

The boxes can be printed front and back – we’ve just supplied 1,500 to a large Tour Promoter to accompany a major artist’s European tour and they have printed the tour images on the front and the tour dates on the back! Something you just couldn’t achieve with any of our smaller USB gift boxes.

If white gift boxes aren’t you’re thing then we also carry in stock in the UK a wide range of other boxes including wooden boxes, black cardboard boxes that we engrave, plastic boxes with a magnetic clasp and small “standard” gift boxes. These can all be engraved or printed and most can be delivered from stock (branded) in as little as 24hrs!

White USB Gift Boxes

Whatever your packaging requirements are for your USB sticks we probably have a solution for you – just give us a call on our Freephone number (we’ll pay for the call) and chat to us about what you need and how quickly you need them – we’d love to hear from you.

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