Power Banks – Might be needed on Election Day more than ever

Today is one of those days when more people than ever are likely to want to stay connected to the web. Yes there will be some voter apathy during the 2015 General Election but many pundits are predicting a surge in voters with more than 70% expected to cast their vote.

If the weather holds fair and the sun comes out then it could push the turnout into the high 70’s, which is what happened when the sun came out in 1992. By comparison when it rained in 2001 the turnout was only 59%!

To be fair today’s election turnout is expected to be strong irrespective of the weather because it is going to be a close run thing and people do appreciate, more than ever, that their vote will/can make a difference.

If you’re a keen observer of the election, the process and the results then in our connected world you’ll want to keep in touch with what’s happening via your smart phone or tablet (that is assuming you’re not near a TV or you’re away from your PC/Mac). The problem with this is that Smart Phone batteries do have a nasty habit of running out pretty quickly particularly if you’re permanently using multiple applications to keep a check on the news, Twitter, Facebook etc. etc.

If you’re a journalist or blogger out and about reporting on the election then you’re usage is going to be even heavier and you’ll almost be able to see your smart phone battery draining in front of your eyes!

One of the ways to keep connected and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action today as it unfolds is to make sure you have at least one Power Bank with you. For the uninitiated a Power Bank is like a glorified re-chargeable battery that you plug into a PC (or main socks using an appropriate adapter) to charge and then plug into your smart phone or tablet when you need to re-charge them! Simple.

Promotional Power Banks Promotional Power Banks

They take about 2 hrs to fully charge but they’ll restore a completely dead smart phone back to life in a few minutes and fully charge the smart phone in an hour or two. They’re being touted as a great saviour for long journeys and holidays but they come into their own on days like today when you know you are going to be using your phone or tablet more than usual and you’re not necessarily going to be able to recharge them from the mains.

If you’re really lucky you might be given one free of charge because lots of companies are recognising the advantage of getting Power Banks branded up with their logo and giving them away as a promotional gift. Why? Well the best promotional gifts are ones that people want and find useful, that they use on a regular basis and that boost the brand of the company printed on them.

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