Power Banks – Energizing the Promotional Market

The promotional gift market in the UK is huge with estimates putting the total annual spend somewhere in the region of £1 billion. It did drop back a little a few years ago when the recession kicked in but all the latest indicators suggest its back on the up again and one of the products that is leading the charge is the Power Bank.

This relatively simple product is basically a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that is housed in an attractive case that lends itself to being branded with the logo or design of the company buying them as a “give-away”. They are primarily used to recharge smart phones but they can recharge any small portable electronic device including tablets, handheld games consoles, e-cigarettes, e-readers etc. etc.

Wooden and Metallic Power Banks Wooden and Metallic Power Banks

You use them by plugging them into a PC or mains wall socket (using the correct plug adapter) to charge up the Power Bank and then when it’s charged you simply disconnect it and take it with you as an emergency power back-up. So, if for example your smart phone needs re-charging you use the supplied cable to connect the Power Bank to your smart phone and let it do its job. Within minutes a “dead” phone will have been charged enough to use and within 2 hours a dead phone will be fully charged.

Although smart phone manufacturers are constantly releasing new phones with a longer battery life we all seem to be using our phones more and more so it’s not unusual for phones to need charging at least once during the day. This is where a Power Bank comes into it’s own – it can genuinely be a “life saver”. Whether its just to get enough charge into your smart phone to post a message on Facebook or to make an urgent business call they are definitely useful and desirable gifts.


Promotional Power Banks Promotional Power Banks

A word of warning though, if you are looking to buy promotional Power Banks for your company (with your brand printed or engraved on them) then please, please buy them from a reputable supplier. Ultimately a Power Bank is an energy store and if you buy purely on price and price alone you’re likely to end up with a product that “might” overcharge, overheat and potentially explode taking your brand with it!

Make sure the Power Banks you buy have been CE approved and comply fully with the latest RoHS legislation. Most import of all though is not to buy based on cost and cost alone – it’s tempting but unless you are prepared to take the risk of sending out potential “bombs” to your customers don’t do it!

At USB2U sell a wide range of promotional Power Banks (many of which we brand in-house) and all of which are fully compliant and backed by our exhaustive warranty and guarantee.

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