Popular Ways to Brand the Twister USB Memory Stick

The Twister USB memory stick remains a firm favourite with businesses, schools, universities and professional photographers. It’s endearing appeal is partly down to its size, the range of colours it’s available in and the fact that it has no cap to lose but, what makes it unique amongst other USB sticks is the variety of ways it can be branded!

First generation Twister USB sticks tended to have a simple black body and silver aluminium “clip” (the bit that rotates or twists around the body shell – hence it’s name) but over the years an almost infinite number of body shell colours have been added. These have now been complimented with new coloured “clips” allowing for a “mix and match” solution of “clips” and body shell.

In addition the Twister can be silk screen printed, digitally printed, engraved or branded using a high quality resin dome sticker. Whichever option is chosen the end results nearly always look fantastic – the only reason for suggesting “nearly always” instead of always is simply because like any USB stick that is branded the end results are only as good as the quality of the artwork supplied and sometimes it’s not a good as it might be.

Even when the Twister is used it helps if you have high quality vector artwork files for your supplier to work from – the old adage used in the software doing world of “garbage in, garbage out” applies equally to printing and engraving. Images “grabbed” from a website, cut and pasted from a Word document or scanned from another piece of artwork simply won’t be good enough.

Here’s our take on the different branding options available for the Twister and why they continue to make the Twister the most popular promotional USB flash drive on the market:

Printed Twister USB Memory Sticks – printing a logo tends to be the default option and it’s often the default option primarily because people are not aware of just how good the Twister can look engraved or branded with a dome sticker. But, if you’ve got a good strong and vibrant logo and you compliment your logo with the right colour of body and clip then the end results an be stunning (remember though the comment about quality of artwork!).

Don’t just choose a black body with a silver clip – yes, lots of suppliers carry these as stock items and they can be a few pennies cheaper but they are a tad boring and dull and if you’re going to spend the money get something that really works with the logo or brand that is being printed. Strong colours like black and yellow work really well. Just give some thought to the colour combinations and if you need help get a variety of different mock-ups produced to enable you to make a more informed decision.

Printed Twister USB Sticks

Engraved Twister USB Memory Sticks – don’t view engraving as the “poor relation” to printing. Engraved USB flash drives, particularly on a mono twister (white body white clip or black body combined with a black clip) look absolutely stunning and very classy. OK, you can’t reproduce any colours but the latest laser engravers ensure you get incredibly fine levels of detail and the end results won’t scratch or wear off over time because they are “etched” into the surface of the Twister Clip.

Engraved Twister USB Sticks

Resin Dome Sticker Branded USB Sticks – If you have a complex full colour logo that you want reproducing on a Twister USB stick then printing can be expensive because you pay for each colour that’s printed or you pay a premium for full colour digital printing. A cheaper (and quicker) alternative is to use a resin dome sticker – these are high quality, commercial stickers that cover the entire “clip” of the twister – as you can see from the images below the results look excellent. Some people are put off by the use of “stickers”. If you fall into this camp then ask for a sample – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good they look.

Resin Dome Stickers Twister USB Memory Sticks

Whichever branding option you choose you can’t go far wrong with a product that after 10 years still accounts for the majority of promotional USB memory sticks sold in the UK today!


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