Popsockets®: A New and Powerful Promotional Tool

Popsockets®: A New and Powerful Promotional Tool

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Popsockets® are not just one of the very newest technology crazes right now, but they are also a fantastic branding opportunity for any business.

Smart phones have truly become an essential part of modern life, and the average person now makes over 8,000 phone calls and texts in public each year. This means the back of a mobile phone has become one of the most common sights in towns and cities around the world, and is certainly an area of potential branding that most forget about. Popsockets® are therefore a very cost effective way to ensure your brand is visible in public, with Popsockets® costing far less than phone cases, as well as providing extra benefits.

Popsockets® allow you to easily keep a grip on your phone, making it easy to hold in a number of ways, being particularly useful for taking photos. Simply stick the product to the rear of the phone using the special Popsocket® adhesive, and then "pop" the mechanism. Popsockets® can also be used as a winder for earphones, or a convenient stand for your phone, allowing you to easily watch videos without holding your phone.

Close up of Pop socket on phone Black popsocket

Available in black and white, a substantial printing area ensures that they can be easily branded to allow for a spectacular and useful tech gift that is bound to be used over and over. Highly technical branding can be achieved via full digital printing, whilst the Popsocket® itself is made of a hard yet nice to touch plastic. A minimum order quantity of just 120 means excellent value for money, whilst they can be turned around in just 10-14 days.

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