Playboy Collection Released on USB Hard Drive

Playboy have just released a neat portable USB Drive that comes with an electronic copy of every edition of the Playboy magazine since it was launched in 1953! That’s 56 years of Playboy magazines totalling 650 issues and well over 100,000 pages - enough to keep even the most ardent of fans happy.

Payboy USB Drive Playboy USB Drive

Now whilst the Playboy magazine might not be everyone’s cup of tea it does illustrate yet another way in which USB storage devices are being used to give access to vast amounts of information in a simple, portable and easy to use format. Whilst much of this information is no doubt already available on the web the sheer scale of the information put on these disks makes them a great alternative. Not everyone has access to fast download speeds or has good connectivity so expect more companies to release large collections of this type on portable USB flash drives or disks.

Another collection of popular material that spanned several decades is the Beatles Collection that was released last year by Apple Records on a very attractive “apple shaped” custom USB flash drive. Not only did this flash drive hold 14 albums but it also contained 13 documentary films and rare photographs of the band.

Apple USB Drive Apple USB Drive

Its not just publishing houses and record labels that are catching onto the benefits of distributing customised USB flash drives pre-loaded with data. USB flash drives and increasingly disks have always been popular giveaways because they are a great way of getting a company brand exposure and garnering loyalty from the user. But, its fair to say that historically companies that distribute Flash Drives have neglected to use the storage space inherent in the drive but as prices fall for larger capacity drives more and more are realising this is a missed opportunity.

If you’re given a USB flash drive at a show, conference, seminar or press event then these days its likely the USB drive is going to be stuffed full of information about the company who paid for them and gave them away. The type of information pre-loaded onto these USB sticks typically includes sales brochures, product sheets, press releases, links to web sites, and occasionally media files such as movies or audio files.

Intel USB Hard Drive Intel UBS Hard Drive

Undoubtedly the content, as compelling as it might be, won’t have quite the same appeal to some as the entire collection of the Playboy magazine.

If you are a company looking to buy or use promotional USB memory sticks then as peculiar as it might seem you should take a lead from Hugh Hefner and the Beatles and pre-load your USB drives with information about your company.

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