Play your Promotional Cards Right with a USB Card

If you’re looking to give your sales and marketing campaign a bit of a blast in 2015 then you might want to take a look at the range of USB cards that are now available. Unlike traditional promotional USB Flash Drives the cards can be printed in full colour right up to the very edge of the card and because the cards have a bigger print area they can accommodate complex and large designs.

This means instead of being restricted to a simple logo you can print pretty much anything and you can have it produced in glorious colour on both sides of the card. Marketing teams love them because they can mirror other forms of advertising and customers (the recipients) love them because they fit easily in a wallet or purse.

USB Cards USB Credit Cards Printed with a full colour print

They’re also a little bit unusual and different. Lots of people will already have been given the more traditional drives but very few will have ever seen the card versions so they score highly on the novelty and interest factor straight away.

Although the cards are only 2mm thick they can be supplied with memory sizes ranging from 128MB all the way up to 32GB (64GB versions are expected later in 2015). From a price point of view they are only pennies more than regular USB drives but you get the benefit of the full colour print on both sides.

They come in lots of different shapes as well. The most popular type is the same shape as a standard credit or bank card (simply because it’s a shape we’re all familiar with, it has the largest print area, and it fits comfortably into existing wallets etc.) but they’re also available in the shape of a circle, a triangle a square and a ellipse (a stretched egg shape). All of them are just 2mm thick and all of them can be printed in full colour right up to the edge of the card.

Of course the trick with these USB Cards (just like any other style) is to use the memory capacity you are buying. Don’t just hand them out without anything pre-loaded onto them. Use the memory to load them up with sales collateral, information videos, links to your web pages and social media pages. Anything is better than nothing. Don’t worry about the hassle of having to load the data yourselves. All self-respecting flash drive suppliers should be able to do this for you for free! It’s a “dog eat dog” market at the moment and suppliers are falling over themselves to offer freebies like data-loading just to win your business!

At USB2 we carry lots of blank USB Cards (different shapes) in stock so we can print and deliver them for you in as little as 24hrs.

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