Pinpoint Sharp Printing On Twister USB Flash Drives

If you’re looking to buy USB flash drives with your company logo or brand printed on them then its critical that whichever flash drive you choose is capable of reproducing your logo as your designer intended it to be printed. If your company logo is complex, contains multiple colours and/or has graduated tints and shading then this becomes all the more important and to be fair challenging.

Twister USB Twister USB

When it comes to printing not all USB flash drives are created equal with only a relatively small number of models supporting a full colour print process. One of these is the USB Twister Flash Drive, which is one of the reasons that it is the most popular flash drive on the market.

The colour reproduction on the Twister is pinpoint sharp and can easily accommodate the most complex of logos. Of course the old adage of “garbage in garbage out” applies so its important that you provide your supplier with the best quality artwork you can lay your hands on. This will typically be in a high resolution Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Photoshop (.psd) image that is vectorised.

USB Credit Card USB Credit Card

Jpeg images are simply not suitable to print from because they are a compressed file format and because of this information about the image is “lost” when the file is created. Whilst Jpeg images might look “ok” to the eye when they are used for printed the end results can often look blotchy and weak.

The Twister is not the only model that supports a full colour print process; others include the Chic, the Trident and the Slider. The USB credit card is also an excellent choice for complex logos because the full surface area can be used to apply a photo-realistic print.

Choosing the right model of USB flash drive for your project or event is never easy because there is lots of choice but if you do have a complex logo to print then you won’t go far wrong with the Twister.

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