Photographers – Check out our New Flickr Pages for USB Memory Stick Ideas

Flickr, the popular photo management and sharing service have this week given their site a major overhaul and it’d be fair to say that the jury is still out on whether the changes they’ve made have actually improved it or not. With new sites like Instagram and Google+ snapping at the heels of Flickr Yahoo (who own Flickr) clearly felt compelled to do something.

One significant change that has received universal support is the new limit of 1 Terabyte of storage available to users. This allows for a whopping 500,000 full resolution images to be uploaded and stored on any Flickr account – that’s huge and certainly raises throws down the gauntlet to the new upstarts in the photo sharing sector.

At USB2U we’ve been a long standing user of Flickr to help us showcase our work and give ideas to anyone looking for printed USB memory stick and idea of what’s possible and where they can buy them from. With only just over 700 images uploaded we’re clearly a long way shy of the notional limit of 500,000!

Following the “upgrade” we’re still playing to try and get a decent new banner sorted on our Flickr page(s) but one thing we have done is to create a new “set” of images specifically for professional wedding photographers. This set showcases a number of different jobs we’ve recently completed for professional photographers and in particular packages of boxes and USB sticks that have been enormously popular with photographers – take a look and let us know what you think!

We’re going to be adding images to this particular set over the next couple of weeks so if you are thinking of buying USB memory sticks in the near future and you want to see what other people are buying then it might be worth bookmarking the page and dipping in and out of it occasionally.

As an aside we are also listening to feedback from the photographers that approach us but cannot commit to our current minimum order of 25 USB sticks. It’s highly likely that we’ll lower this threshold in the near future but even before any announcement if you do need a smaller quantity just call one of our sales team and reference this article and they’ll work up prices for smaller quantities for you.

This is no comparison between “old fashioned” CD’s/DVD’s and the wide range of stunning USB memory sticks that are now available and we’re planning to do all we can to support photographers who want to make the transition.

USB2U Photography Packs

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