Personalised USB Flash Drives for School Leavers – A Digital Yearbook

Free Personalisaton Offer from USB2U on all USB Yearbooks - Now we’re into May the focus in many schools and up and down the country will be very sharply on exams.  It’s a difficult, challenging and emotional time for everyone because not only are the students dealing with the pressure of exams but for many they’ll have to come to terms with saying goodbye to their friends and moving on.

To celebrate their time at the school it’s increasingly common someone at the school to put together a Year Book. These help the students record their memories of the time they’ve spent at the school, to say daft things about their friends and for the brave even dafter things about their teachers! Of course Year Books are not the only option, some schools and students find them too much trouble to organise when there are so many other things going on and opt instead for something simple like a personalised “hoodies” or T-shirt.

Personalised USB Flash Drives for Schools Personalised USB Flash Drives for Schools

A more recent phenomenon is the use of personalised USB flash drives which are effectively “digital yearbooks”. Typically, each USB flash drive is printed or engraved with the school on one side with the students name and class on the other side. The flash drive is then pre-loaded with all of the same content that you’d normally find in the more traditional year books but on the USB versions you can include video clips of school drama productions, award ceremonies, sports days and of course embarrassing pictures from the Prom Night!

There are loads of different styles and types of flash drives to choose from including the popular USB wristbands and “twisters” – they can all be supplied in a printed gift box and they can all be fully personalised.

The price of a fully personalised USB Flash Drive is much less than you’d expect to pay for a “Hoodie” or printed year book and at the moment USB2U are offering to personalise all USB flash drives for school absolutely free of charge!

Not only that but if the order comes from the school rather than the students it will automatically qualify for 30-day credit terms! Typical lead times are around 7-10 days but if you do leave it late don’t worry because USB2U do offer a “rush” 24hr delivery service albeit you pay a small premium for this.

Personalised USB Flash Drive Yearbooks – now there’s an interesting idea!

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