Personalised Keepsake Boxes & USB Sticks for Professional Photographers

There are key events in everyone’s life when moments that you want to treasure forever are created. Whether it’s a wedding, the birth of a child, a baby’s first steps, the graduation of your children from college or university, a milestone birthday or an anniversary they all tug at the heartstrings and demand to be remembered.

The most popular way to capture these moments is on “film” albeit today when we take photographs we’re almost always recording the image digitally rather than capturing it on traditional films. Apart from a few diehards when was the last time anyone actually purchased a film for their photography. No, today we’re far more likely to reach for our smart phone or digital camera.

Arguably photography has gone through one of the fastest and most comprehensive paradigm shifts we’ve lived through. Kodak, the company that dominated the film and photography market for decades, is now all but dead and buried. Agfa, another huge player in the traditional 35mm film market has also disappeared from sight taking with it lots of large film processing companies.

Keepsake Boxes Keepsake Boxes for Professional Photographers

What has survived, and in many ways has flourished, is the professional photography sector. With over 50,000 professional photographers in the UK alone it’s a sector that is still in rude health. We may all have easier and greater access to cameras via our phones and inexpensive digital cameras but when it comes to taking images of key moment in our life it’s a job most people prefer to leave to the experts. Owning a camera does not a photographer make!

If you’ve commissioned a series of photographs from a professional photographer then you’re going to want somewhere to store them. Albums remain incredibly popular but they’re not the only option. It’s not unusual to buy a “package” from a photographer that includes a small number of prints, an album to keep them in but also a USB memory stick onto which all of the photos from the shoot have been stored. The images on the USB stick might include images that you previously might not have had access to simply because of the print production costs. But because photographers now work almost exclusively with digital images you can often have all of the photos from your shoot as “electronic” copies even if you don’t get them all printed.

Personalised Keepsake Boxes Personalised Keepsake Boxes

Engraved wooden keepsake boxes are a great way to store your photos and USB stick together with other key items from the day, e.g. copy menus, service sheets, plaster casts of your babies feet and hands and so on.

Some of the more commercially astute photographers are now offering their clients a bundled package that includes their services as well as the finished prints, and album, a branded USB memory stick and a keepsake box. As these images show when bought as a coordinated package they can look stunning.

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