Our USB Flash Drive People Make a break to the Beach!

We have anarchy in the ranks already. Within days of reaching agreement to sell the “Mini You” fun range of USB characters they’ve decided to down tools and head for the beach! We understand it’s damn hot in the office and that this is a rare occasion take advantage of the glorious weather we’re blessed with at the moment but, we’re not happy and having seen what they’re wearing the fashion police would have a field day – open toe sandals coupled a knotted handkerchief are not exactly “de rigueur” beach wear this season! It’s embarrassing and we’re considering our decision to sell them.

Our worst nightmare is that when they finally get bored and return to us that we find their USB connectors (and their sandals) are filled with sand and that they’ve failed to apply enough sun cream to stop their paint fading and blistering! Oh the joy of it all.

USB People - Day at the Beach

On a serious note these Mini You USB People (when they behave) are a fantastic alternative to the more traditional USB flash drives that lots of companies favour – they’re certainly a way to get some personality into a marketing or advertising campaign or bring some humour to seminar or conference – think about the mischief you could create by getting some Mini You USB sticks supplied that look like your CEO or maybe it might be safer to get them produced to reflect a more “generic member of your team (delivery driver, nurse, doctor, engineer, pilot, army officer – you get the idea).

Ironically these Mini You USB people are only pennies more than a standard USB stick and the costs to fully customise them (sex, hair style, uniform, facial features etc.) is tiny so don’t think they’re going to be ultra-expensive because they’re not. Equally they don’t take that long to produce and deliver – typical lead times at the moment are around 10-days from approval of your design/artwork. We’ll even help you create your USB character – just send us photographs of the sort of thing you want to achieve and we’ll work up a few examples for your to choose from (with no cost or commitment).

What we cannot be responsible for is their behaviour once they have been delivered to you! You’ll have to take care of managing them and keeping them under control. Good luck.

USB “Mini You” People from USB2U (hopefully)

USB People Flash Drives

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